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Drum kit lessons with Charlotte Burke exploring different styles of music from rock, pop, blues and Jazz to heavy metal. Begginers to advanced ages seven upwards.
Contact Charlotte Burke: + 44 7903153976 



I started tutoring students in drum-kit in 2004. My first teaching job was with WAC College of Performing Arts. This is a charity that is driven by the needs of young people and the community. Wac Arts lifts generation after generation, empowering them with the life skills that only the arts can offer. I stayed at WAC arts for many years also tutoring the young people in band workshops. From there I built upon my experience and went onto run workshops and work as a drum-kit teacher in state schools and privately.

I like to create lessons with a balance of structure and variability. I know I picked up the sticks because I mostly had a desire to rock! Therefore, I like my students to be invested in the process of learning by making sure the lessons includes music that interests them.

Each student I teach has a personally tailored programme, although there is plenty of overlap between the programmes, no two programmes are identical. For those students who wish to take drum-kit exams I have recently started to teach students the two drum exam syllabuses. ‘Rock School & Trinity Rock and Pop Grades 1-8.

I also teach steel drum workshops for beginners to intermediate up to eight piece band using single pans. 



Drum-kit lessons with Charlotte Burke at Brixton Hill Studios. Students of all ages and abilities welcome.

Half hourly or one hour sessions available during term time.


In Brixton Studio £21.50 per half hour/ £36.50 per hour

In schools £22 per half hour/£44 per hour

In home studio or at your home £20 per half hour/£35 per hour

Schedule: I will always work alongside the school term timetable, as a general guide. For exact dates contact me.

Autumn Term - September to second week of December

Spring Term – January to first week of April

Summer Term – May to Second week of July 

Read my terms and conditions here




I’ve always been passionate about music. With a background in dance and piano in my childhood the transition to drum-kit playing came very naturally to me. At 22 years old I was awarded the drum-tech scholarship and gained my drumming diploma under the tuition of some very inspiring tutors.

As a drummer I have contributed to different bands and ensembles with a variety of styles including rock, funk, hip-hop, jazz, pop, metal, country and western, folk rock. I have been lucky enough to experience many recording projects with various artists and also completed my own solo project in 2012 where I wrote, played, recorded, mixed and mastered my own songs.

Among the many venues I have played I have performed at Glastonbury festival numerous times including the ‘John Peel’ stage, Croissant Neuf and Small world festivals, Le Printemps Bourges, the Hanbury Ballroom and the Angel Academy. I have also toured around Europe and played in many venues and festivals in France and Belgium.

I am currently playing with Magic City Trio. This is an original project which I feel lucky to be a part of. 

“I love tutoring students of all ages and abilities in their journey through the world of rhythm.”




Amy Brocklesby

"Charlotte is a wonderful teacher who has given my son a huge passion for not only drumming, but music generally. She is an incredibly talented musician, who brings her multi-instrumental skills into our son’s lessons to give him a rounded musical education. Charlotte is always prompt and ready with exciting tasks to engage our son and we see rapid progress with his drumming every week. Charlotte has been teaching our son for 2 years and we will definitely continue with her for the forseeable future."


Susan Bowman

"Charlotte has taught my son Daniel since he was 7 years old. He is now 15. She is truly inspirational, supportive and creative and makes her drumming lessons completely enjoyable for her pupils. This combined with Charlotte’s lovely personality guarantees a happy drummer!

Daniel says, “Charlotte is the best! I really enjoy her drumming lessons and look forward to them every week.”


Roz Malcolmson

"Charlotte Burke has been teaching my daughter the drums for 6 terms. She is an exceptional teacher and my daughter is becoming a confident drummer already! Charlotte is enthusiastic and encouraging and I was amazed when my daughter was happy to perform 2 songs with a band in a gig after playing for only 2 terms. My daughter has started to sit her graded drumming exams thanks to Charlotte. I am very happy about as she hasn’t been keen to do grades with her other instruments she is learning.

Charlotte brings an individual approach to her lessons and as well as preparing students for their exams is happy to teach her pupils through their personal music tastes and preferences. She is a highly skilled drummer who is always motivated to challenge and develop her own abilities and she is an amazing role model for her pupils.

Leelah says “Charlotte is a great teacher. She is very encouraging and helps me to feel confident about my drumming. I like that she gives me the freedom to choose the songs that I want to learn to play.”

Contact: Charlotte Burke 
+ 44 7903153976